who we are

What is our goal in the long run?
Healthy Thoughts is an organization committed to excellence, with a clear vision and a passion for attacking decreasing the death and disparity brought on by the silent killer "stroke". We ask you to work with us to capitalize on our growth.

The need for stroke awareness education cannot be overstated. First, the growing rate of strokes and heart related diseases in America is extremely alarming.

There are more than 700,000 individuals that are diagnosed with stroke each year and 28% are people under the age of 65 stated by Stroke Center at the University Hospital of Newark, New Jersey. According to NINDS strokes in children occur every 3 to 100,000 and 10% of children that suffer from a stroke will die each year, just simply as stated before individuals just need to know the signs of a stroke.

"The challenge at this stage

is to seize the opportunity

and educate and spread

stroke awareness.

The choice is an easy one

-- help our community

to save one life at a time and

spread stroke awareness."

Healthy Thoughts is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit

organization that enlightens the community on the importance

of stroke awareness by way of grass roots efforts in culmination

of healthy thinking and a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Thoughts

works with continued support to the schools and community

with outreach events on the signs of a stroke and the importance

 of the 3 hour window to seek medical help and potentially receive

a clot busting drug called TPA that could potentially reverse

 the effects of a stroke which in turn could begin to overall

lessen the amount of people that end up on long term disability

do to a stroke in the United States of America.

Healthy Thoughts helps virtually everyone. Strokes donate

discriminate on when they attack or whom they attack

and we believe that if we help one person at a time understand

the dynamics of that then we can save one life at a time.

Healthy Thoughts finances it initiatives through the generous

contributions of individuals, corporate sponsorships, planned

gifts and grants as well as in-kind donation goods and services.


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