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Press Releases

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PHILADELPHIA, PA—Aug 20, 2015----
Healthy Thoughts wants to know if you are willing to support them just by going on-line daily.
“How do you do so?”- Through Welzoo—Just make your browser start page, and each day that you use the internet, Welzoo will make a free donation to Healthy Thoughts. This opens the door for us to raise much needed funds for our operations and programs, at no cost to anyone.
What is Welzoo- Welzoo is a 100% free and offers a way for individuals to support organizations without ever having to spend money. Each day that a Welzoo user goes on line, an additional donation is being made. Welzoo enables internet users from all walks of life to help a non-profit organization of their choice by simply changing their homepage.—Welzoo. We look forward to you browsing the internet at your leisure daily while saving and life and changing the lives of stroke survivors.
The founder of Healthy Thoughts, Davida Godett, suffered three strokes in her early thirties and her life as a single mother was severely altered. Godett, an accountant with a graduate degree wanted others to know that they are at risk. Through her personal struggles her passion grew to tell others the affects of strokes. Her motto is, “You never know what one has been through, unless you ask them their story”.
Godett started Healthy Thoughts in 2009 with the premise that there is a need for stroke awareness along with health awareness in general. She wants her story to inspire others to maintain a positive outlook on life while potentially saving a life.


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