Coronavirus: Covidom, the app launched by the AP-HP for carrier or suspected cases

Coronavirus: Covidom, the app launched by the AP-HP for carrier or suspected cases

A smartphone application enabling “home telesurveillance” has been launched by the Paris Public Hospitals (AP-HP) in order to track patients with or suspected of Covid-19 who do not require hospitalization.
Coronavirus: a symptom tracking application launched by AP-HP © istock
In collaboration with the PME Nouveal e-health, the Public Assistance of the Paris Hospitals has launched a smartphone application in order to remotely monitor patients suffering from or suspected of having Covid-19. If they do not show any sign of severity, these patients can thus, via the application called Covidom, benefit from remote monitoring at home, via medical questionnaires offered once or several times a day, in addition to containment measures.

Available free of charge on the AppStore and on Google Play, Covidom has been operational since March 9 and deployed in Bichat and Pitié-Salpêtrière hospitals in Paris, and will be used more widely in the coming days, in order to follow patients who have undergone establishment of the AP-HP. It specifies that "this tool constitutes an adapted response which will also feed the work in progress to support the care of patients in the city". The goal is to unclog health facilities and general practitioners' offices as much as possible, so that they can focus on more serious cases.

Concretely, the recourse and the use of the application are divided into four stages or stages:

the doctor includes the patient in the process, connecting and registering the patient to the platform;
the patient responds daily to a digital questionnaire online, from a computer or via his smartphone, the frequency of the questionnaire varying according to the risk stratification and the period;
alerts may be generated depending on the response to the questionnaire, in particular in the event of high fever or significant respiratory discomfort reported by the patient, which alerts the healthcare team who contacts the patient to adapt their treatment.
In addition, a medical telesurveillance center was set up on March 12 to monitor the alerts of all the patients included in the Covidom device. Naturally, in the event of an immediate emergency, the patient is asked to contact the 15 directly.

Source: AP-HP press release


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