Discover Calabria, an emerging region in Italy

Discover Calabria, an emerging region in Italy

January is the preferred month for Belgians to book their summer stay. So recently a new appetite for our citizens has emerged for more secret destinations, like Calabria, where bookings have jumped 230% this year. Between the steep mountains, typical small villages, the remains of antiquity, and the art of gastronomy, we provide you with the basics of this area, for a very happy stay.

Take a stroll in the heart of Magna Graecia

Santa Maria dell'Isola Church overlooks Tropéa © Getty Beach
Antiques fans, Reggio di Calabria is the must-visit area. The cradle of ancient times, is now filled with treasures that have not been spared time. At the National Museum, enjoy the Riace bronze - two of the famous Greek statues of warriors - or visit the archaeological museum for its exceptional collections. From the medieval city center of Peso and the cathedrals of Vibo and Materano, through Tropéa and Santa Maria dell'Isola Monastery - probably the most famous site in the area - overlooking the sea, discover a region steeped in history, through its ruins.

For nature lovers, immerse yourself in these remote areas by cross or hiking in the Serre, Aspromonte and Pollino parks ranked among the richest natural destinations in plants. To end this immersion, head over to Lungomare Park where you can enjoy stunning views of the coasts of Sicily and the famous Etna volcano.

Learn about the art of cooking Calabria

"Sardella" - a paste made of olive oil, pepper and sardines - a typical food from Calabria © Getty
Local gastronomy is known as one of the best restaurants in Italy, and is the second wealth - after the ancient heritage - of Calabria. On the menu: sweet red onions from Tropea, Soppressata - this dried sausage is typical for the region - or a sardopha - spicy paste made with sardines, olive oil, and hot pepper. Not forgetting the peculiarity of the village of Pizzo, Tartufo moro (or Tarfufo di Pizzo), a homemade ice cream that has a heart pouring in chocolate and covered with cocoa powder.

Enjoy the beaches

Capo Vaticano, one of the many beaches in the region
With a length of 800 km and bordered by Bahran - Ionian and Tirani - its coasts are submerged in clear waters. It is an ideal place to stay with your toes in the shape of a fan, especially since the weather is at 30 ° C in the spring. Not forgetting that its beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. And for more adventurers, there are many small bays to explore ...

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